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  • BMT Fraunhofer Institute for Bio-medical Engineering in Sulzbach
    BMT Fraunhofer Institute for Bio-medical Engineering in Sulzbach
Shadow / Interior / Blackout / Vertical System / In Shade VD

In Shade VD

In Shade VD is the vertical blackout system, which is supplied by Sun Works only as a motor-driven system. Depending on the length and width of the system (max 3.0 m width and 8.0 m length), the system is equipped with appropriately large lateral guiding rails with brush seals and is equipped with slat reinforcements to stabilise the fabric.

Max. widthSoltis up to 3,000 mm
Max. lengthSoltis up to 4,000 mm
Max. area15 m²
Cover plateAluminium box with a bent form
DriveElectric motor as a tubular motor 230 V, 50 Hz, protection class IP 44 with thermal protection and integrated capacitor, manual setting of limit switch on the motor
Guiding railsExtruded aluminium rail 40 x 100 mm incl. brush seal
Front profileRectangular extruded aluminium tube 11 x 32 mm including weight and brush seal
Fabric selectionSoltis Blackout Collection
Shaft system63/85 Ø mm fabric shaft made of galvanised steel grooved tube
SurfacePowder coating to RAL standard, NCS standard, standard anodisation and special colours
SensorsSun and temperature sensors, IB bus, KNX
Installation locationVertical

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In Shade with chain, PDF

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