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Facade Plus

  • Private House, Heinsberg, Rongen Architekten
    Private House, Heinsberg, Rongen Architekten
  • Residential Building, Königinsstrasse, Munich, Arch Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin
    Residential Building, Königinsstrasse, Munich, Arch Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin
Façade Plus / Slide Plus Sliding Frame

SLIDE PLUS Sliding Frame

The sliding shutter system of the SLIDE PLUS product line are available with manual or electrical operation. The different frame systems can be supplied with textile fabrics, wood, expanded metal or glass. The 2 and 3-track systems not only provide an attractive architectural element but they also give you a variety of options ranging from an unrestricted view to complete shading.

VersionOne, two and multi-panel (symmetrical or asymmetrical)
Drive systemManual, electrical, wireless
Tracks Extrudedaluminium profile, anodised E6/EV1
FittingsSliding mechanism with rollers made of high-quality plastics, for frames up to 40 kg, 80 kg and 140 kg
Bottom guidesContinuous aluminium profile or intermittent sliders
DriveFor sliding shutters with a weight of up to 120 kg, 24 Volt DC motor with appropriate control unit and accessories
Power transmissionDrive belt, steel strand with PU coating and nylon fabric
FrameSturdy frame profile made of an extruded aluminium profile Rectangular aluminium tube or angle bracket
FillingDifferent louvres made of aluminium / wood; fillings such as perforated sheet, expanded metal, fabric
Frame widthmax. 900 mm
Frame heightmax. 3000 mm
Frame weightUp to max. 40 kg, 80 kg or 140 kg depending on the type of fittings

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