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  • Office Building, Berlin
    Office Building, Berlin
  • Office Building, Berlin
    Office Building, Berlin
Eclypse / Eclypse GL Glass Louvre / Torsion Fixation

ECLYPSE GL Torsion Fixation

The glass louvre system based on a torque tube also permits span widths over 2250 mm. The rear “torque tube” which serves to structurally reinforce the glass louvre can be produced as a rectangular or round profile in aluminium or steel depending on the structural design.

DriveLinear actuator, blind motor with worm shaft and gear
ConfigurationHorizontal and vertical
MaterialVSG glass made from 2xTVG
Range of movement0-110°, 0-360°
Modular dimensions widthmax. 4,0 m
Modular dimensions heightmax. 4,5 m
Dimensions Single louvre Bmax. 0,5 m
Dimensions Single louvre Hmax. 3,5 m
ColoursVSG with coloured foil, screen printing
AutomationSun position tracking, wind, sun, temperature, time

Download datasheet
Point fixed glass louvre with torque tube, PDF

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