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Eclypse / Eclypse DFS Double-skin Façade System

ECLYPSE DFS Double-skin Façade System

The DFS large louvre system is used in double-skin façades as a multi-functional sun protection system. The large vertical louvres guided by upper and lower rails are moved from the parking position to the working position by a motor and the sun position is tracked by a second motor with a rotation angle of approx. 120°. The louvres used are made of glass, perforated sheets, aluminium profiles or shading systems with fabric covering.

DriveRotating motor, pushing motor 230V alternatively 24 V
MaterialGlass, perforated sheet, fabric or aluminium
Range of movement0-110°
Modular dimensions Widthmax. 3.0 m
Modular dimensions, heightmax. 4.5 m
Dimensions Single louvre Bmax. 1.0 m
Dimensions Single louvre Hmax. 4.5 m
AutomationSun position tracking, wind, sun, temperature, time

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Double-skin Façade System, PDF

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