• Mock-up and final specifications in Perth / packaging and shipping

  • Start of assembly on site

  • First completed façades

Sun Works 2015 Lots of news – starting the New Year full of energy!

Perth, Australien,

Currently a large number of products are being supplied and assembled by Sun Works for the New Children’s Hospital in Perth/Australia.  The project, which is currently being completed, stands out due to its extraordinary variety of façade types and colours.

Sun Works is providing the new construction with different coloured vertical perforated sheet louvres inside the double-skin façade on the east and west side of the complex and by means of electric motor-driven, floor-to-ceiling glass louvers for the winter garden. In the shopping zones on the ground floor, Sun Works is installing glass ventilation louvres above the ground floor glazing.

All products have been modified and adjusted from the standard product range specifically for this project with regard to the engineering, shape and colour. An intensive series of tests carried out in the plant at Sun Works have ensured the stability of the products.

Completion of the entire project is planned for the end of 2015.